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Thunder Tiger - E360 Conversion Kits

Turn the Mini Titan V2 into a 3D monster

E360 Conversion Kits

By upgrading a few essential parts, the E360 Conversion Kit stretches the Mini Titan E325 V2 heli into a larger machine. The kit utilizes a larger canopy and longer tail boom, allowing the heli to use a 4S LiPo battery and 360 mm main rotor blades. Modelers will easily see the benefits of this transformation, which include better wind resistance, more stable hovering, and quick response to pitch controls when performing aerobatic maneuvers.

The kit is available in 4 versions, to address the extent of the conversion required for any pilot's particular Mini Titan E325 V2 model.


  • Allows modelers to equip the Mini Titan E325 V2 with a 4S LiPo battery and the bigger main rotor blades for increased performance.
  • Basic Kit includes a larger, pre-printed PVC canopy, longer tail boom, tail pushrod and reinforced servo tray.
  • Standard Kit has the Basic Kit components, plus gear sets and other parts to convert from a belt driven tail rotor to one that's torque tube driven.
  • Plus Kit includes all components of the Basic and Standard Kits, as well as a pair of 360 mm carbon fiber main rotor blades.
  • Complete Kit comes with all of the above, along with a 3000kV brushless motor and ESC to handle the 4S LiPo battery's power.


  • Product Numbers:
        3928 / Basic
        3928-1 / Standard
        3928-2 / Plus
        3928-3 / Complete