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Thunder Tiger - Crash Kits

Crash Kits

Designed to get your heli back into the air with a minimum amount of fuss, a Crash Kit offer a convenient and cost effective way to buy the necessary parts for repairs.

Crash Kit R30 V2:

  • Includes: Flybar Rod, Tail Pitch Slider, Flybar Paddle, Tail Rotor Blades, Tail Fin, Main Roto Blades, Tail Control Rod, Spindle, Main Rotor Hub, Flap Damper, Main Shaft Rods, Tail Boom
  • Stock Number: TTRE9546
  • Product Number: 3831

Crash Kit E325:

  • Includes: Main Shaft, Two Main Rotor Pitch Housings, Feathering Shaft, Flybar, Landing Skid, Frame Spacer, Two Canopy Retaining Posts, 150 Tooth Main Gear, Tail Boom, Tail Rotor Shaft Set, Vertical Fin, Main Rotor Blade Set, Tail Pitch Control Set
  • Stock Number: TTRE9547
  • Product Number: 3845

Crash Kit R50 Titan:

  • Includes: Main Shaft, Skid Pipe and Brace, Feathering Shaft, SUS Flybar, Landing Skid, Frame Spacer, Three Rod Guides, Tail Boom, Tail Rotor Shaft, Two Flybar Control Rods, Eight Ball Links, Tail Pitch Control Fork, Two Tail Pitch Control Links, Tail Linkage Rod, Tail Support Rod, Four Tail Support Rods Ends
  • Stock Number: TTRE9548
  • Product Number: 3840