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Thunder Tiger - Glow Plugs

Glow Plugs

Thunder Tiger plugs hold heat without idle bars, and cover a wide range of R/C applications. The long-reach R1 for aircraft and low-nitro boats is recommended for larger (.15) engines. Medium-reach plugs include: the hot R2 sport plug and R2 Plus designed for vehicles with a PRO-18 engine; R3 for stable idling and smooth acceleration in aircraft engines; cold R4 for high-nitro fuels and cold R5 for use with fuels with up to 25% nitro content. Also available: RF glow plug for 4-stroke engines.

Glow Plug Super Medium

  • Standard equipment installed on all Thunder Tiger RTR car engines.
  • Medium range two-stroke glow plug suitable for most engine applications.
  • Its toughness makes it one of the most economical glow plugs for frequent usage.
  • Made in Italy.
  • Stock Number: TTRG2501
  • Product Number: 9281

Glow Plug R4

  • Medium cold type glow plug.
  • Best used used under carburetor needle "leaner" settings or higher nitro fuel to deliver more power and more RPM.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Stock Number: TTRG2502
  • Product Number: 9731

Glow Plug R2 Plus

  • Specifically developed for the PRO-18 engine installed on Thunder Tiger RTR cars.
  • Performs best on "hot" engines.
  • Made In Italy.
  • Stock Number: TTRG2503
  • Product Number: 9734

Glow Plug R1

  • Specifically developed for operation on low-nitro boats, airplanes, and helicopters engines.
  • Due to its long-reach thread design (7/32 in / 5.55 mm), the R1 is not recommended for small-size enignes (.15 or less).
  • Made in Japan.
  • Stock Number: TTRG2504
  • Product Number: 9774

Glow Plug R3

  • Medium length, idle bar-less glow plug with platinum alloy filament.
  • This glow plug is the solution if idle becomes unstable after switching fuel nitro percentage.
  • Specifically designed for airplane and helicopter engines.
  • Delivers great performance in the entire operational range with stable idling and smooth accelerations.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Stock Number: TTRG2505
  • Product Number: 9775

Glow Plug RF

  • Long-reach glow plug specifically designed for all 4-stroke engines.
  • Delivers superb performances from stable idling to smooth accelaration.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Stock Number: TTRG2506
  • Product Number: 9776

Glow Plug R5

  • Specifically developed for the engine operating under high temperature environment.
  • Designated as a "cold" type.
  • Particularly well-suited for engines running on high nitro fuel (up 25% nitro) or high RPM output.
  • Ideal for extreme conditions.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Stock Number: TTRG2507
  • Product Number: 9732