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Thunder Tiger - Pro 18BX w/Rotary Carb

Pro 18BX Engine w/Rotary Carb

Product No. 9442

Thunder Tiger's PRO series engines are equipped with dual-ball bearings, Schnuerle porting, piston and cylinder and mixture control carburetor.

Designed to achieve the easiest operation and max performance again and again. The PRO-18BX a big block engine creates incredible horse-power more than the previous .15 engines, which is the best choice for the out-law contest.

The PRO series are manufactured by automated computer-controlled machinery, using the highest quality materials. State-of-the-art CNC manufacturing techniques produce not only high performance and reliability but a product that looks and performs better. Precision mixture control carburetor makes adjustments simple. Built-in recoil starter "X" version.The same one-piece reinforced crankcase and the same mounting dimensions, makes it a drop-in easy to upgrade.

A Closer Look


  • Built-in recoil starter.
  • Top grade CNC equipment, state-of-the-art technology are used.
  • Improved mixture control carburetor; which makes adjustments simpler.
  • Improved quality; ISO9001 Certified which guarantees the maximum power and performance.
  • Smooth running and long lasting power plant with front and rear ball bearings.
  • Dual-ball bearings, Schnuerle porting, piston and cylinder and mixture control carburetor.
  • Designed for both beginners and experienced modelers.


  • Fuel with 20% lubricant and 10-30% nitro content, synthetic/castor blend lubricant recommended (do not use more than 10% nitro content for break in)
  • Long type glow plug recommended such as the O.S. #8
  • Glow starter
  • Plug wrench
  • Field equipment


  • Displacement: 0.181 cu in (2.97 cc)
  • Bore: 0.638 in (16.20 mm)
  • Stroke: 0.567 in (14.4 mm)
  • Practical RPM: 3,000 - 32,000
  • Output: 0.80 hp @ 31,000 RPM
  • Weight w/o muffler: 8.74 oz (248 g)