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Ace TG7000 Heading Lock Gyro/DS0606 Digital 2BB Rudder

Ace TG7000 Heading Lock Gyro/DS0606 Digital 2BB Rudder

Use of the latest SMM (Silicon Micro Machine) sensor eliminates the need for rudder trim changes in flight and provides unmatched performance. It is perfect for electric or nitro powered R/C helicopter. For beginner, it will greatly reduce the learning process; for experts, it will provide the performance you require. Included with the TG7000 gyro is a Coreless DS0606 high-speed servo. Transit time at 6V is (sec/60°) is .05. Servo case design incorporates a heat sink to ensure solid performance in the most demanding environments.


  • Heading lock mode and normal mode.
  • SMM gyro sensor.
  • Remote-controlled gain.
  • Analog/digital servo compatible.
  • Suitable for 760/1520 digital rudder servo.
  • Separated end point adjustment for left and right servo traveling limit.
  • Simple wire connection for easy installation.
  • Small and light weight.


  • Stock Number: ACEM8071
  • Product Number: 8071
  • Gyro length: 1.01 in (25.9 mm)
  • Gyro width: 0.98 in (24.9 mm)
  • Gyro height: 0.80 in (20.4 mm)
  • Gyro voltage: 4.8-6.0V
  • Gyro operating temperature: -10 - 45° C
  • Gyro weight: 0.83 oz (23.5 g)
  • Servo length: 1.59 in (40.5 mm)
  • Servo width: .80 in (20.2 mm)
  • Servo height: 1.56 in (39.6 mm)
  • Servo weight: 2.12 oz (60 g)
  • Servo voltage: 4.8-6.0V