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Thunder Tiger - Mini Titan E325V2 Kit

Mini Titan E325V2   Product No. TTR4712-K10
Heli On Steroids!
Full Length of fuselage: 25.19 in
Full width of fuselage: 8.79 in
Total height: 8.2 in
Main rotor dia: 28.46 in
Tail rotor dia: 6.14 in
Gear ratio: 1:11.5:4.4
Full equipped weight: 28.35 oz.

Performance has gone ballistic with the latest Mini Titan E325 V2. Tons of very impressive features have been injected to create the ultimate 3D machine in its category: lightweight Carbon / Aluminum main frame, full metal rotor head, lightweight 3D paddles, carbon fin, reinforced main shaft and a totally-redesigned fiberglass canopy. And there is more !

The V2 also comes equipped with radically longer rotor grips & rigid hub for generating additional lift and awesome responsiveness, even when flown under standard-size blades.

To top it off, roll rate is exponentially faster than any other 450-size helis thanks to a lower blade-to-ground height, a high-positioned battery tray & motor mount design keeping CG much closer to the main rotor disc. "Pendulum" effect is reduced to a minimum making the V2 is much more stable platform. The longer grips & hub generates more left and brings extremely crisp & accurate pitch response.

With the Mini Titan E325 V2 machine, 3D pilots can finally get their hands on a totally aggressive performer : best power-to-weight & the widest adjustable mixing ratio among any 450-class helis. Get ready for a shock !

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  • 2-piece Reinforced Carbon Main Frame (1.5mm).
  • Super Rigid Carbon Frame & CNC Machined Aluminum Construction.
  • Slim & Aerodynamic Pre-Painted Fiberglass Canopy.
  • One-piece Machined Aluminum Mast Block/Servo Mount.
  • Adjustable Bell-Hiller Mixing Ratio.
  • Equipped With Lightweight Paddles for 3D (4.4gr).
  • Integrated One-piece High-positioned Battery & ESC Tray.
  • Metal & Carbon Light Tail Case/ Metal Grips.
  • One-piece Low Gravity Molded Skid With Integrated Antenna Holder.
  • Canopy with Integrated Heat Sink For Efficient Thermal Dissipation.
  • Exclusive Receiver Tray.

Super Rigid Carbon Frame & Metal Construction.

2-piece Reinforced Carbon Main Frame (1.5mm).

Adjustable Bell-Hiller Mixing Ratio.

Metal & carbon Light Tail Case/Metal Grips.

Pre-Painted FRP Canopy.

One-piece Low Gravity Molded Skid.

One-piece High-positioned Battery & ESC Tray.

One-Piece Machined Metal Mast Block/Servo Mount.

Exclusive Receiver Tray.

Canopy with Heat Sink for Thermal Dissipation.

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