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Thunder Tiger - Mini Titan E325 V2 Flybarless 450
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Mini Titan E325 V2 Flybarless 450   Product Numbers:
TTR4716-K10 Mini Titan E325 V2 FBL 450 EP Heli Kit w/CF Blades

TTR4716-K11 Mini Titan E325 V2 FBL 450 EP Heli Kit w/CF Blades/Motor/ESC

TTR4716-A10 Mini Titan E325 V2 FBL 450 EP Heli ARF w/CF Blades

TTR4716-A11 Mini Titan E235 V2 FBL 450 EP Heli ARF w/CL Blades/Motor/ESC
Fuselage Length: 25.2 in (640 mm)
Height: 8.2 in (209 mm)
Width: 4.7 in (120 mm)
Main Rotor Blade Length: 12.8 in (325 mm)
Main Rotor Diameter: 29 in (745 mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 6 in (156 mm)
Motor Pinion: 13T (standard); 10-15T (optional)
Weight (Ready to Fly): 1.375 lb (625 g)
TTRE0021 & TTRE0024 Include: Thunder Tiger OBL 29/37-10H 11.1V 3700kV brushless outrunner motor, Thunder Tiger BLC-40 40A Speed Control
TTRE0020 & TTRE0023 Require: 11.1V outrunner motor, 40A ESC
All Require: Heli radio with 6 channels and 5 servos, heading hold gyro, 3S LiPo battery

Flybarless rotor head makes this 450-size machine fantastic!

The Mini Titan has gone flybarless! With its long list of performance features, the Mini Titan E325 V2 has been a very popular 450-size machine, capable of extreme flight. The FBL version takes the Mini Titan to the next level, with a flybarless rotor head that will enhance your skills. If you're anxious to start flying, there's an ARF version of the Mini Titan that comes already assembled — you can even choose to have the motor and ESC included! If building your model appeals to you, the Mini Titan is also available in kit form, with or without the motor and ESC. And all 4 options come with Thunder Tiger carbon fiber blades to enhance the machine's 3D capabilities even more!

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  • Flybarless rotor head with pre-assembled two-piece main grips.
  • Upgraded, rigid carbon main frame.
  • Servo mounts that accept most popular servos.
  • Lightweight CNC machined aluminum tail case.
  • Torque tube-driven tail drive system.
  • 120° CCPM control system.
  • One-piece molded skids to keep center of gravity low.
  • Integrated battery and ESC tray.
  • Narrow, pre-painted canopy.
  • Machined aluminum tail rotor grips.
  • Compatible with most 3-axis gyros.
  • Thunder Tiger V2 carbon fiber main and tail blades are included.
Flybarless head
The flybarless head offers the benefits of faster response rates, more power, longer flight times, fewer parts and overall simplicity of design.
torque tube-driven tail
The torque tube-driven tail delivers crisp tail response with 100% power transfer.
120° swash plate
The Mini Titan FBL features a 120° swash plate with enlarged pitch control rods.
Outrunner Brushless Motor
Power for the Mini Titan versions that come with motor and ESC (TTRE0021 and TTRE0024) is provided by a Ripper OBL 29/37-10H Outrunner Brushless Motor and BLC-40A Brushless ESC.