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Thunder Tiger - Mini Titan E325 Sport
Flybarless ARF Helicopter

Mini Titan E325 Sport Flybarless ARF   Product Number:
TTR4710-A23 Mini Titan E325 Sport FBL Heli ARF
Main Rotor Blade Length: 325 mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 29.3 in (745 mm)
Tail Rotor Disk Diameter: 6.1 in (156 mm)
Length: 25.2 in (640 mm)
Height: 8.2 in (208 mm)
RTF Weight: 25.6 oz (726 g)
Pinion/Main Gear: 13T/150T
Gear Ratio: 1:11/5:4.4
Includes: Ace 3500kV brushless motor, Ace BLC-40 40A ESC, Ace GT5.1 3-axis gyro, DC Series micro digital servos, 325mm carbon fiber main blades
Requires: 6-channel heli radio, 3S LiPo battery, compatible charger

A great heli for pilots of all skill levels!

From beginners to experts, the Mini Titan E325 Sport is the ideal machine. It's 95% assembled, with a low parts count and 95% compatibility with all E325 models. The price is surprisingly low for a heli as fully 3D capable as this ARF is.

A Closer Look

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  • 95% preassembled.
  • 95% parts compatibility with all Mini Titan E325 helis.
  • Flybarless rotor head.
  • Injection molded main rotor grips.
  • Micro digital servos installed.
  • Efficient belt drive system.
  • Ace™ R/C 3500kV brushless motor and BLC-40 40A ESC installed.
  • 325 mm carbon fiber main blades included.
  • Durable one-piece main frame and metal rotor hub.
  • One-piece plastic swash plate.
  • Stylish ABS canopy with colorful trim scheme printed on.
Flybarless Rotor Head
Flybarless rotor head.
Gyro System
Ace R/C GT5.1 3-axis gyro system.
Digital Servos
DC Series micro digital servos installed.
Brushless Motor
Ace R/C 3500kV brushless motor.
Brushless ESC
Ace R/C BLC-40 40A brushless speed control.
One-piece Swash Plate
Durable one-piece swash plate.
Tail Rotor Control System
Efficient tail rotor control system.