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Thunder Tiger - Titan X50B Kit

Titan X50

Designed for adrenaline-fueled, all-out 3D!

Featuring a carbon fiber frame and blades for extreme toughness, cutting-edge Titan X50B Nitro 3D Kits with eCCPM push the 3D envelope beyond the limits. An under-slung rotor head and an internal flapping stiffness control system provide fast, sharp collective response. Choose from the original Kit or the Kit with Engine/Muffler/Carbon Fiber Blades.

A Closer Look

Common Features

  • 1.2 in. (30 mm) wide carbon mainframe with slim-profile design and spacious three-deck tray for electronic devices.
  • eCCPM control system.
  • Under-slung rotor head for ultimate 3D performance. An internal flapping stiffness control system - which can be set up for any flying style from aggressive to docile - provides fast, sharp cyclic and collective response.
  • Printed fiberglass canopy.
  • Shrouded fan for efficient thermal dissipation.
  • Lightweight, 1 oz. (20 g) paddles deliver high-performance 3D.
  • Lightweight, vented main gear design.
  • Hardened, 0.4 in. (10 mm) dia. main shaft.
  • Hardened 0.3 in. (7 mm) dia. feathering shaft.
  • Lightweight clutch bell & metal-reinforced ribs.
  • Carbon fin and carbon base plate.
  • Tail boom with metal clamp and lightweight bracket.
  • Total fuel capacity: 16.2 oz. (480 cc).
  • Dual radial, single-thrust bearings.
  • Metal tail grips.

2 Bearings & 1 Thrust Bearings Metail Grips.

10mm Hardened Main Shaft &7mm Feathering Shaft.

Lightweight Tail Boom Bracket.

Main & header tanks total capacity: 480cc.

Lightweight Clutch Bell/Metal-reinforced Ribs.

Metal tail boom clamp.

Shrouded-fan for efficient thermal dissipation.

Spacious 3-deck Tray for Electronic Devices.

Slim profile design (only 30mm wide).

Lightweight & Tough Landing Skid.

High-quality ERP Preprinted Canopy.

Kit Features

  • Carbon fiber main blades.

Kit with Engine/Muffler/Carbon Fiber Blades Also Features

  • RL-53 engine.
  • Hi-Flow muffler.

Common Requirements

  • 6-channel (min.) radio system with receiver and 5 servos
  • Heading-hold gyro
  • 1000mAh (min.) battery
  • Charger
  • Building and field equipment

Kit Also Requires

  • RL-53 engine
  • Hi-Flow muffler


X50B Torque-Tube Conversion Kit

The #1 upgrade for over-the-top response!

Turn your belt-driven X50B into a torque-tube sensation with the X50B Torque-Tube Conversion Kit! Installation provides incredibly crisp rudder response - and maximizes power transfer to virtually 100%. It's an all-in-one "must-have" for going to 3D extremes.

  • Designed exclusively for the best-selling X50B, this kit will not fit any other .50-size helis.
  • Offers crisp throttle response and 100% power transfer.
  • Lightweight, one-piece machined metal tail case.
  • Autorotation system with straight bevel gear.
  • Newly designed tail grip set and easy-to-install rudder rod guide.
  • 0.24 in. (6 mm) tail gear drive shaft.
  • Components are also available separately.

Stock Number: TTRE4579
Product Number: 3922
X50B Torque-Tube Conversion Kit


  • Stock Numbers / Product Numbers:
        TTRE0070 / 4855-K10 / Titan X50B Kit w/Carbon Fiber Blades
        TTRE0071 / 4855-K11 / Titan X50B Kit w/ RL-53H, Muffler, Carbon Blades
  • Fuselage Length: 47.2 in (1,200 mm)
  • Fuselage Width: 7.9 in (200 mm)
  • Height: 15.8 in (400 mm)
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 53 in (1,345 mm)
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 10.2 in (260 mm)
  • Gear Ratio: 8.5:1:4.56
  • RTF Weight: 6.8 lb (3,150 g)