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Thunder Tiger - Raptor E700
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Game changer!

The Raptor E700 is the hottest heli to hit the scene in years. It looks wicked, because it is wicked. A Shigetada Taya design — with Nick Maxwell-approved "tweaks" — makes it tough enough for epic 3D maneuvers. Speed and agility are second to none. And you can't beat the price. When you add it all up, there's no doubt that the Raptor E700 is today's best value in flybarless 700-class helis!

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  • Today's highest-performing, most-reliable 700-class heli!
  • Cutting-edge design influenced by Shigetada Taya and Nick Maxwell.
  • Incredibly lightweight and compact.
  • 135-140° eCCPM flybarless control system with aluminum rotor head, 0.3" (8 mm) spindle and metal grips. An integrated quick-calibration system makes alignments easy and precise.
  • Massive main gear system with herring bone cut teeth.
  • 0.5" (12 mm) main shaft.
  • Fiberglass canopy with four attachment points.
  • Aluminum tail boom with extra-long supports add rigidity.
  • Ultra-stiff, stacked four-piece main frames.
  • Rear-mounted tail rotor servo for low-CG.
  • Machined aluminum tail case.
  • Quick-remove battery tray, mounted low for perfect CG.
  • Inexpensive replacement parts.


  • Heli radio with a minimum of 6 channels
  • Flybarless system
  • Motor
  • ESC
  • Battery
  • Battery charger


Length: 50.3 in (1,277 mm)
Width: 7.5 in (191 mm)
Height: 15.2 in (385 mm)
Main Rotor Diameter: 60.5-61.3 in (1538-1558 mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 11 in (280 mm)
Main Rotor Length: 27.2 in (690 mm)
Tail Rotor Length: 4.1 in (105 mm)