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Mfg. #Stock #DescriptionTypeManual
4313TTRA4313Soaring Star 2M EP ARFPDFDownload
4322TTRA43221/12 Rare Bear EP ARFPDFDownload
4332TTRA4332Cessna 182 EP 34" ARFPDFDownload
4343-K21TTRA4343F-8F Bearcat EP 34" ARFPDFDownload
4344-OK21TTRA4344E-Hawk 1500 MagentaPDFDownload
4347-K21TTRA4347Sukhoi 3D EPP Foam EP ARFPDFDownload
4349-OK21-03TTRA4349Yak 54 3D 45" w/Brushless MotorPDFDownload
4576TTRA4576Sea Fury 1/7 Scale .91 Size ARFPDFDownload
4579-K10TTRA4579Tiger Trainer Brushless Electric ARFPDFDownload
4582-ORTTRA4583Tiger Trainer .60 Red ARFPDFDownload
4590TTRA4590Tiger Sport 40L ARFPDFDownload
4591-K10TTRA4591Ready 40 MK3 ARFPDFDownload
4593-K10TTRA4593Beaver 40 ARFPDFDownload
4595-K20TTRA4595Cessna 177 Cardinal .60 ARF PaintedPDFDownload
4630TTRA8000Yak 30% ACE Team Red/Black/SilverPDFDownload
4630-03TTRA8003Yak 54 30% Red/Black/Silver/WhitePDFDownload
4630-04TTRA8004Yak 54 30% Red/Yellow/Black/WhitePDFDownload
4630-10TTRA8006Yak 54 30% Russian Sunrise Red/Yellow/Black/SilverPDFDownload
4631TTRA8007Yak 54 33% ACE Team Red/Black/SilverPDFDownload
4631-03TTRA8010Yak 54 33% Red/Black/Silver/WhitePDFDownload
4631-04TTRA8011Yak 54 33% Red/Yellow/Black/WhitePDFDownload
4631-05TTRA8012Yak 54 33% White/Black/Checkerboard/Silver/BluePDFDownload
4632-03TTRA8018Yak 54 35% Red/Black/Silver/WhitePDFDownload
4632-04TTRA8019Yak 54 35% Red/Yellow/Black/WhitePDFDownload
4632-05TTRA8020Yak 54 35% White/Blck/Checkerboard/Silver/BluePDFDownload
4632-10TTRA8022Yak 54 35% Russian Sunrise Red/Yellow/Black/SilverPDFDownload
4633TTRA8023Yak 54 37.5% ACE Team Red/Black/SilverPDFDownload
4633-03TTRA8026Yak 54 37.5% Red/Black/Silver/WhitePDFDownload
4633-04TTRA8027Yak 54 37.5% Red/Yellow/Black/WhitePDFDownload
4633-05TTRA8028Yak 54 37.5% White/Black/Checkerboard/Silver/BluePDFDownload
4633-06TTRA8029Yak 54 37.5%-06 Red/White/Black/CheckerboardPDFDownload
4633-10TTRA8030Yak 54 37.5% Russian Sunrise Red/Yellow/Black/SilverPDFDownload
4634-03TTRA8034Yak 54 40% Red/Black/Silver/WhitePDFDownload
4634-04TTRA8035Yak 54 40% Red/Yellow/Black/WhitePDFDownload
4634-10TTRA8038Yak 54 40% Russian Sunrise Red/Yellow/Black/SilverPDFDownload
4637-01TTRA8048Extra 260 35% Red/Black/Silver/WhitePDFDownload
4637-05TTRA8052Extra 260 35% White/Black/Checkerboard/Silver/BluePDFDownload
4307TTRA9000Sparky 400 ARFPDFDownload
4307-F01TTRA9001Sparky 400 Super Combo ARFPDFDownload
4315TTRA9005Super Cub EP ARFPDFDownload
4315-F04TTRA9006Super Cub EP RTFPDFDownload
4320TTRA9010P-51 Mustang EP ARFPDFDownload
4320-F04TTRA9011P-51 Mustang EP Super Combo 27MHz RTFPDFDownload
4320-K21TTRA9012P-51 Mustang EP w/OBL ARFPDFDownload
4321TTRA9015Mr. Mulligan EP ARFPDFDownload
4321-F04TTRA9016Mr. Mulligan EP Super Combo ARFPDFDownload
4323TTRA9020Spirit of St. Louis EP ARFPDFDownload
4323-F04TTRA9021Spirit of St. Louis EP Super Combo 27MHz ARFPDFDownload
4331TTRA9025September Fury EP ARFPDFDownload
4331-F04TTRA9026September Fury Super Combo ARFPDFDownload
4331-K21TTRA9027September Fury OBL ARFPDFDownload
4530TTRA9030Lazy Tiger Cub ARFPDFDownload
4532TTRA9035Piper J-3 Cub ARFPDFDownload
4573TTRA90401/7 September Fury ARFPDFDownload
4578TTRA90451/6 F8F Bearcat ARF PDFDownload
4337-K20TTRA9070F4U Corsair OBL w/o Motor ARFPDFDownload
4337-K21TTRA9071F4U Corsair OBL ARFPDFDownload
4339-K20TTRA9075P40 Warhawk OBL w/o Motor ARFPDFDownload
4339-K21TTRA9076P40 Warhawk OBL ARFPDFDownload
4343-F04TTRA9085Bearcat EP Super Combo RTFPDFDownload
4345-K21TTRA9095Velocity II OBL ARFPDFDownload
6194-F41TTRD00011/10 Tomahawk VX Nitro Ford GT 27MHzPDFDownload
6194-F43TTRD00021/10 Tomahawk VX Nitro 350Z 27MHzPDFDownload
6194-F44TTRD00031/10 Tomahawk VX Nitro BMW M6 27MHzPDFDownload
6194-F46TTRD00041/10 Tomahawk VX Nitro Audi TT 27MHzPDFDownload
6195-F071TTRD00101/10 Nitro Tomahawk BX 2.4GHz RedPDFDownload
6195-F072TTRD00111/10 Nitro Tomahawk BX RTR 2.4GHz YellowPDFDownload
6195-F41TTRD00151/10 Nitro Tomahawk BX Red 27MHzPDFDownload
6195-F42TTRD00161/10 Nitro Tomahawk BX RTR Yellow 27MHzPDFDownload
6196-F071TTRD00201/10 Nitro Tomahawk MX RTR 2.4GHz Ford GTPDFDownload
6196-F073TTRD00211/10 Nitro Tomahawk MX RTR 2.4GHz Nissan 350ZPDFDownload
6196-F074TTRD00221/10 Nitro Tomahawk MX RTR 2.4GHz BMW M6PDFDownload
6196-F076TTRD00231/10 Nitro Tomahawk MX RTR 2.4GHz Audi TTPDFDownload
6196-F41TTRD00251/10 Nitro Tomahawk MX RTR Ford GT 27MHzPDFDownload
6196-F44TTRD00261/10 Nitro Tomahawk MX RTR BMW M6 27MHzPDFDownload
6196-F46TTRD00271/10 Nitro Tomahawk MX RTR Audi TT 27MHzPDFDownload
6197-F071TTRD00301/10 Nitro Tomahawk ST RTR 2.4GHz RedPDFDownload
6197-F072TTRD00311/10 Nitro Tomahawk ST RTR 2.4GHz BluePDFDownload
6197-F41TTRD00351/10 Nitro Tomahawk ST RTR Red 27MHzPDFDownload
6224-F41CTTRD00401/10 Nitro EB-4 S2 RTR Imprezza Rally 27MHzPDFDownload
6224-F42CTTRD00411/10 Nitro EB-4 S2 RTR XSara w/Accys 27MHzPDFDownload
6232-K10TTRD00601/8 EB-4 S3 RG Buggy KitPDFDownload
6233-F41TTRD00701/8 ST-1 Stadium Truck RTR Orange/Blue 27MHzPDFDownload
6233-F42TTRD00711/8 ST-1 Stadium Truck RTR Purple/Silver 27MHzPDFDownload
6233-F41CTTRD00751/8 ST-1 Stadium Truck RTR Orange/Blue 27MHzPDFDownload
6233-F42CTTRD00761/8 ST-1 Stadium Truck RTR Purple/Silver 27MHzPDFDownload
6234-F42CTTRD00801/8 ER-1 SC Xsara RTR w/Accys 27MHzPDFDownload
6237-K10TTRD00851/8 ST-1 Pro Racing KitPDFDownload
6534-F071TTRD05001/10 EP Sparrowhawk DX RTR 2.4GHz Nissan 350Z WhitePDFDownload
6534-F072TTRD05011/10 EP Sparrowhawk DX RTR 2.4GHz Nissan 350Z OrangePDFDownload
6534-F073TTRD05021/10 EP Sparrowhawk DX RTR 2.4GHz Z Tune SilverPDFDownload
6534-F074TTRD05031/10 EP Sparrowhawk DX RTR 2.4GHz Z Tune BluePDFDownload
6534-F41TTRD05051/10 EP Sparrowhawk DX RTR Nissan 350Z White 2 27MHzPDFDownload
6534-F42TTRD05061/10 EP Sparrowhawk DX RTR Nissan 350Z Orange 2 27MHzPDFDownload
6534-F43TTRD05071/10 EP Sparrowhawk DX RTR Z Tune Silver 27MHzPDFDownload
6535-F070TTRD06011/10 EP Sparrowhawk VX RTR 2.4GHz Ford GTPDFDownload
6535-F073TTRD06021/10 EP Sparrowhawk VX RTR 2.4GHz BMW M6PDFDownload
6535-F077TTRD06031/10 EP Sparrowhawk VX RTR 2.4GHz Nissan 350ZPDFDownload
6535-F078TTRD06041/10 EP Sparrowhawk VX RTR 2.4GHz Audi TTPDFDownload
6535-F40TTRD06051/10 EP Sparrowhawk VX RTR Ford GT 27MHzPDFDownload
6535-F43TTRD06061/10 EP Sparrowhawk VX RTR BMW M6 27MHzPDFDownload
6535-F47TTRD06071/10 EP Sparrowhawk VX RTR Nissan 350Z 27MHzPDFDownload
6535-F48TTRD06081/10 EP Sparrowhawk VX RTR Audi TT 27MHzPDFDownload
6536-F071TTRD06101/10 EP Sparrowhawk XB RTR 2.4GHz Blue/WhitePDFDownload
6536-F072TTRD06111/10 EP Sparrowhawk XB RTR 2.4GHz Black/WhitePDFDownload
6536-F41TTRD06151/10 EP Sparrowhawk XB RTR Blue/White 27MHzPDFDownload
6536-F42TTRD06161/10 EP Sparrowhawk XB RTR Black/White 27MHzPDFDownload
6537-F071TTRD06201/10 EP Sparrowhawk XT RTR 2.4GHz BluePDFDownload
6537-F072TTRD06211/10 EP Sparrowhawk XT RTR 2.4GHz RedPDFDownload
6537-F41TTRD06251/10 EP Sparrowhawk XT RTR Blue 27MHzPDFDownload
6537-F42TTRD06261/10 EP Sparrowhawk XT RTR Red 27MHzPDFDownload
6540-F42TTRD06301/10 Phoenix BXII EP RTR Yellow 27MHzPDFDownload
6540-F43TTRD06311/10 Phoenix BXII EP RTR Purple 27MHzPDFDownload
6540-F45TTRD06321/10 Phoenix BXII EP RTR Pink 27MHzPDFDownload
6526-F41TTRD06401/10 EP Phoenix BX RTR Blue 27MHzPDFDownload
6526-F42TTRD06411/10 EP Phoenix BX RTR Red 27mHzPDFDownload
6526-F41A1TTRD06451/10 EP Phoenix BX RTR Blue w/Battery/Charger 27MHzPDFDownload
6526-F42A1TTRD06461/10 EP Phoenix BX RTR Red w/Battery/Charger 27MHzPDFDownload
6194-F071TTRD18711/10 Tomahawk VX RTR Nitro 18BX Onroad 2.4GHz FordPDFDownload
6194-F073TTRD18731/10 Tomahawk VX RTR Nitro 18BX Onroad 2.4GHz 350ZPDFDownload
6194-F074TTRD18741/10 Tomahawk VX RTR Nitro 18BX Onroad 2.4GHz BMW M6PDFDownload
6194-F076TTRD18761/10 Tomahawk VX RTR Nitro 18BX Onroad 2.4GHz AudiPDFDownload
6194-F271TTRD18811/10 Tomahawk VX Nitro 2.4GHz RTR Ford GTPDFDownload
6194-F272TTRD18821/10 Tomahawk VX Nitro 2.4GHz RTR Z-TunePDFDownload
6194-F273TTRD18831/10 Tomahawk VX Nitro 2.4GHz 350ZPDFDownload
6194-F2712TTRD18881/10 Tomahawk VX Nitro 2.4GHz BMW M3 GT2PDFDownload
6195-F271TTRD19511/10 Tomahawk BX 4WD .18 Nitro 2.4GHz IFHSS RedPDFDownload
6195-F272TTRD19521/10 Tomahawk BX 4WD .18 Nitro 2.4GHz YellowPDFDownload
6196-F272TTRD19621/10 Tomahawk MX Nitro 2.4GHz ZTune SilverPDFDownload
6196-F273TTRD19631/10 Tomahawk MX Nitro 2.4GHz 350ZPDFDownload
6196-F277TTRD19671/10 Tomahawk MX Nitro 2.4GHz Subaru BluePDFDownload
6196-F2712TTRD19681/10 Tomahawk MX Nitro 2.4GHz RTR BMW M3PDFDownload
6197-F271TTRD19711/10 Tomahawk ST Nitro 2.4GHz RTR OrangePDFDownload
6197-F272TTRD19721/10 Tomahawk ST Nitro 2.4GHz RTR YellowPDFDownload
6198-F271TTRD19811/10 Tomahawk SC 4WD .18 Nitro 2.4G WhitePDFDownload
6198-F272TTRD19821/10 Tomahawk SC 4WD .18 Nitro 2.4G RedPDFDownload
6233-F073TTRD25731/8 ST-1 Stadium Truck RTR Nitro 28 4WD 2.4GHz Red/BlackPDFDownload
6233-F101TTRD25811/8 ST-1 4WD .28 Nitro 2.4G IFHSS Orange/BluePDFDownload
6233-F102TTRD25821/8 ST-1 4WD .28 Nitro 2.4G IFHSS Purple/SilverPDFDownload
6233-F103TTRD25831/8 ST-1 4WD .28 Nitro 2.4G IFHSS Red/BlackPDFDownload
6242-F101TTRD27001/8 EB4 S2.5 21 Nitro 2.4GHz Mini CountrymanPDFDownload
6227-F071TTRD27711/8 EB4 S2 Pro RTR RedPDFDownload
6227-F072TTRD27721/8 EB4 S2 Pro RTR BluePDFDownload
6227-F101TTRD27811/8 EB-4 S2.5 Pro Nitro 2.4GHz RTR RedPDFDownload
6227-F102TTRD27821/8 EB-4 S2.5 Pro Nitro 2.4GHz RTR BluePDFDownload
6227-F103TTRD27831/8 EB-4 S2.5 Pro Nitro 2.4GHz RTR GrayPDFDownload
6723-F271TTRD28001/8 Tomahawk XL 18 Nitro 2.4GHz Mini CountrymanPDFDownload
6198-F072TTRD33981/10 Tomahawk RTR Nitro 18BX Offroad 2.4GHz SC RedPDFDownload
6534-F271TTRD65411/10 Sparrowhawk DX 4WD 2.4G 350Z WhitePDFDownload
6534-F272TTRD65421/10 Sparrowhawk DX 4WD 2.4G 350Z OrangePDFDownload
6534-F273TTRD65431/10 Sparrowhawk DX 4WD 2.4G Z Tune SilverPDFDownload
6534-F274TTRD65441/10 Sparrowhawk DX 4WD 2.4G Z Tune BluePDFDownload
6534-F2712TTRD65471/10 Sparrowhawk DX 4WD 2.4G BMW M3 GT2PDFDownload
6535-F270TTRD65501/10 Sparrowhawk VX 4WD 2.4G Ford GT RedPDFDownload
6535-F277TTRD65571/10 Sparrowhawk VX 4WD 2.4G 350Z BlackPDFDownload
6535-F279TTRD65591/10 Sparrowhawk VX 4WD 2.4G Z Tune SilverPDFDownload
6535-F2712TTRD65601/10 Sparrowhawk VX 4WD 2.4G BMW M3 GT2PDFDownload
6537-F271TTRD65711/10 Sparrowhawk XT 4WD 2.4GHz RTR BluePDFDownload
6537-F272TTRD65721/10 Sparrowhawk XT 4WD 2.4GHz RTR RedPDFDownload
6536-F271TTRD65811/10 Sparrowhawk XB 4WD 2.4G IFHSS BluePDFDownload
6536-F272TTRD65821/10 Sparrowhawk XB 4WD 2.4G IFHSS BlackPDFDownload
6400-F081TTRD70001/8 EB4 G3 Buggy 2.4G RTR Yellow PDFDownload
6400-F082TTRD70011/8 EB4 G3 Buggy 2.4G RTR Blue PDFDownload
6402-F101 TTRD70211/8 ER4 G3 BL RTR Mini Cooper CountrymanPDFDownload
6404-F101TTRD70511/8 ST4 G3 Brushless 2.4GHz RTR RedPDFDownload
6404-F102TTRD70521/8 ST4 G3 Brushless 2.4GHz RTR BluePDFDownload
6404-F103TTRD70531/8 ST4 G3 Brushless 2.4GHz RTR PurplePDFDownload
6404-F104TTRD70541/8 ST4 G3 Brushless 2.4GHz RTR GrayPDFDownload
6541-F082TTRD75401/10 Sparrowhawk XXT RTR ST BL 4WD 2.4GHz BlackPDFDownload
6541-F081TTRD75411/10 Sparrowhawk XXT RTR ST BL 4WD 2.4GHz Blue/BlackPDFDownload
6542-F082TTRD75421/10 Sparrowhawk XXB RTR Buggy Brushless 4WD 2.4GHz Black/YellowPDFDownload
6542-F082TTRD75421/10 Sparrowhawk XXB RTR Buggy Brushless 4WD 2.4GHz Black/YellowPDFDownload
6542-F081TTRD75431/10 Sparrowhawk XXB RTR Buggy Brushless 4WD 2.4GHz Blue/YellowPDFDownload
6568-F082TTRD75651/12 Sparrowhawk DT12 EP 4WD Truck 2.4GHz OrangePDFDownload
6539-F07TTRD76**1/10 Phoenix STII Stadium Truck EP RTR 2.4GHzPDFDownload
6539-F071TTRD76BG1/10 Phoenix STII Stadium Truck Blue/GreenPDFDownload
6539-F074TTRD76GP1/10 Phoenix STII Stadium Truck Green/PurplePDFDownload
6539-F073TTRD76PY1/10 Phoenix STII Stadium Truck Purple/YellowPDFDownload
6539-F076TTRD76RY1/10 Phoenix STII Stadium Truck Red/YellowPDFDownload
6539-F075TTRD76WN1/10 Phoenix STII Stadium Truck White/OrangePDFDownload
6539-F072TTRD76YB1/10 Phoenix STII Stadium Truck Yellow/BluePDFDownload
6540-F07TTRD77**1/10 Phoenix BXII RTR EP Offroad Buggy 2WD 2.4GHzPDFDownload
6540-F071TTRD77BB1/10 Phoenix BXII RTR EP Offroad Buggy 2WD 2.4GHz BluePDFDownload
6540-F074TTRD77GG1/10 Phoenix BXII RTR EP Offroad Buggy 2WD 2.4GHz GreenPDFDownload
6540-F073TTRD77PP1/10 Phoenix BXII RTR EP Offroad Buggy 2WD 2.4GHz PurplePDFDownload
6540-F076TTRD77RR1/10 Phoenix BXII RTR EP Offroad Buggy 2WD 2.4GHz RedPDFDownload
6540-F072TTRD77YY1/10 Phoenix BXII RTR EP Offroad Buggy 2WD 2.4GHz YellowPDFDownload
6401-F08TTRD80**1/8 MT4-G3 EP Brushless 2.4GHz Monster TruckPDFDownload
6401-F082TTRD80BN1/8 MT4-G3 EP Brushless 2.4GHz Monster Truck Blue/OrangePDFDownload
6401-F081TTRD80RY1/8 MT4-G3 EP Brushless 2.4GHz Monster Truck Red/YellowPDFDownload
6571-F07TTRD85**1/10 Phoenix XT RTR EP 2WD Brushless 2.4GHzPDFDownload
6571-F071TTRD85EB1/10 Phoenix XT RTR EP 2WD Gray/Blue 2.4GHzPDFDownload
6571-F072TTRD85PE1/10 Phoenix XT RTR EP 2WD Purple/Gray 2.4GHzPDFDownload
6572-F07TTRD86**1/10 Phoenix XB 2WD Buggy Brushless 2.4GHz RTRPDFDownload
6572-F071TTRD86BY1/10 Phoenix XB 2WD Buggy Brushless 2.4GHz RTR Blue/YellowPDFDownload
6572-F072TTRD86WR1/10 Phoenix XB 2WD Buggy Brushless 2.4GHz RTR White/RedPDFDownload
6572-F071A1TTRD87651/10 Phoenix XB Combo 2.4GHz Blue/YellowPDFDownload
6576-F271TTRD87811/10 Sparrowhawk DX 4WD BL 2.4GHz 350Z WhitePDFDownload
6576-F272TTRD87821/10 Sparrowhawk DX 4WD BL 2.4GHz 350Z OrangePDFDownload
6576-F274TTRD87841/10 Sparrowhawk DX 4WD BL 2.4GHz ZTune BluePDFDownload
6576-F275TTRD87851/10 Sparrowhawk DX 4WD BL 2.4GHz R35 SilverPDFDownload
6576-F276TTRD87861/10 Sparrowhawk DX 4WD BL 2.4GHz R35 GrayPDFDownload
6576-F2712TTRD87871/10 Sparrowhawk DX 4WD BL 2.4GHz BMW M3 GT2PDFDownload
6543-F071A1TTRD90651/18 Tiger Crawler RTR EP 2.4GHzPDFDownload
6570-F07TTRD92**1/8 Go Kart KT8 EP 2.4GHzPDFDownload
6570-F071TTRD92EE1/8 Go Kart KT8 EP 2.4GHz GrayPDFDownload
6570-F072TTRD92NN1/8 Go Kart KT8 EP 2.4GHz OrangePDFDownload
6570-F073TTRD92YY1/8 Go Kart KT8 EP 2.4GHz YellowPDFDownload
6570-F271TTRD93711/8 KT8 Go Kart Brushless 2.4GHz RTR GrayPDFDownload
6570-F272TTRD93721/8 KT8 Go Kart Brushless 2.4GHz RTR OrangePDFDownload
6570-F273TTRD93731/8 KT8 Go Kart Brushless 2.4GHz RTR YellowPDFDownload
5556TTRB1000Victoria Yacht Sailboat Kit 30.7"PDFDownload
5121-F07TTRB5121Outlaw OBL RTR 2.4GHzPDFDownload
5126-F27GTTRB5126Desperado Jr Brushless 2.4GHz RTR GreenPDFDownload
5126-F27LTTRB5127Desperado Jr Brushless 2.4GHz RTR BluePDFDownload
5210-F4YTTRB5209Bandit 3.5 II SC RTR YellowPDFDownload
5210-A11YTTRB5210Bandit 3.5 II w/Outboard RTR YellowPDFDownload
5210-F4GTTRB5211Bandit 3.5 II SC RTR GreenPDFDownload
5212-F4RTTRB5212Bandit Pro SC RTR RedPDFDownload
5212-F4YTTRB5213Bandit Pro SC RTR YellowPDFDownload
5210-F4OTTRB5214Bandit 3.5 II SC OrangePDFDownload
5220-F03WA1TTRB5220Neptune SB-1 Submarine 30.5"PDFDownload
5546TTRB5546Sea Dragon / China Team 1M Racing YachtPDFDownload
5549RTTRB5547Naulantia 1M Yacht RedPDFDownload
5549LTTRB5548Naulantia 1M Yacht BluePDFDownload
5549YTTRB5549Naulantia 1M Yacht YellowPDFDownload
5552TTRB5552Voyager II 1M Racing YachtPDFDownload
5553TTRB5553Odyssey II Racing Yacht KitPDFDownload
5555TTRB55551/25 1-Meter ETNZ Racing Yacht Kit 39"PDFDownload
9459TTRG0012PRO .12BK w/Rotary CarbPDFDownload
9442TTRG0018PRO .18BX w/Rotary CarbPDFDownload
9475TTRG0021PRO .21BX-R w/Slide CarbPDFDownload
9472TTRG0028PRO .28B-R w/Slide CarbPDFDownload
9477TTRG0029PRO .28BX-R w/Slide CarbPDFDownload
9567TTRG0121PRO .21M OB Gear 1.19:1PDFDownload
9568TTRG0122PRO .21M OB Gear 1.04:1PDFDownload
9554TTRG0146PRO .46M Inboard RingPDFDownload
9007TTRG1010GP .07 ABC w/MufflerPDFDownload
9010TTRG1012GP .10 ABC w/MufflerPDFDownload
9018TTRG1018GP .18 ABN w/MufflerPDFDownload
9041TTRG1041GP .42 ABC w/MufflerPDFDownload
9060TTRG1061GP .61 ABC w/MufflerPDFDownload
9604TTRG1139PRO .39H RingedPDFDownload
9605TTRG1150PRO .50H RingedPDFDownload
9606TTRG1153RL .53H RingedPDFDownload
9612TTRG1156RL .56H Ringed Redline Heli Engine PDFDownload
9607TTRG1170PRO .70H RingedPDFDownload
9609TTRG1191PRO .90H RingedPDFDownload
9195TTRG1192PRO 1.20 SE Engine w/MufflerPDFDownload
9196TTRG1193PRO 1.20 RE Engine w/o MufflerPDFDownload
9611TTRG1194RL 1.00H Ringed Redline Heli EnginePDFDownload
9803TTRG1854F-54S 4-Stroke w/MufflerPDFDownload
9028TTRG9028GP .28 ABN w/MufflerPDFDownload
9802TTRG9802F-75S Four-Stroke EnginePDFDownload
9804TTRG9804F-91S Four-Stroke EnginePDFDownload
9813TTRG9813F-130S Four-Stroke EnginePDFDownload
4710-A11TTRE0001Mini Titan E325 ARFPDFDownload
4710-A12TTRE0002Mini Titan E325 RXRPDFDownload
4710-F06M2A1TTRE0003Mini Titan E325 2.4GHz Super ComboPDFDownload
4710-K10TTRE0004Mini Titan E325 KitPDFDownload
4710-K11TTRE0005Mini Titan E325 Kit w/Motor & ESCPDFDownload
4711-K11TTRE0006Mini Titan E325SE Kit w/Motor & ESCPDFDownload
4711-K12TTRE0007Mini Titan E325SE Kit w/Motor/ESC/BladesPDFDownload
4712-K10TTRE0008Mini Titan E325V2 KitPDFDownload
4712-K11TTRE0009Mini Titan E325V2 Kit w/Motor & ESCPDFDownload
4710-A23TTRE0027Mini Titan E325S Flybarless ARFPDFDownload
4710-A24A1TTRE0028Mini Titan E325 Sport FBL Heli ComboPDFDownload
4731-A13TTRE0030Raptor E550S Sport ARFPDFDownload
4732-A13TTRE0032Raptor E550 Flybarless ARFPDFDownload
4717-A13TTRE0034Mini Titan E360 FBL ARF w/BladesPDFDownload
4839-A10TTRE0040Raptor 30 V2 Pro ARFPDFDownload
4839-A11TTRE0041Raptor 30 V2 Pro ARF w/Pro-39H EnginePDFDownload
4839-F08M2A1TTRE0042Raptor 30 V2 2.4GHz Super ComboPDFDownload
4839-K20TTRE0043Raptor 30 V2 Sport KitPDFDownload
4839-K21TTRE0044Raptor 30 V2 Sport Kit w/Pro-39H EnginePDFDownload
4853-A23TTRE0048Raptor 50 Sport ARFPDFDownload
4757-K10TTRE0053X50E Flybarless 600 EP Helicopter KitPDFDownload
4853-A10TTRE0060Raptor 50 Titan Pro ARFPDFDownload
4853-F08M2A1TTRE0061Raptor 50 2.4GHz Super ComboPDFDownload
4853-K11TTRE0062Raptor 50 Titan Kit w/EnginePDFDownload
4854-K10LTTRE0063Raptor 50 Titan SE Kit BluePDFDownload
4854-K10RTTRE0064Raptor 50 Titan SE Kit RedPDFDownload
4854-K10YTTRE0065Raptor 50 Titan SE Kit YellowPDFDownload
4854-K12LTTRE0066Raptor 50 Titan SE w/Engine/Blades BluePDFDownload
4854-K12RTTRE0067Raptor 50 Titan SE w/Engine/Blades RedPDFDownload
4854-K12YTTRE0068Raptor 50 Titan SE w/Engine/Blades YellowPDFDownload
4855-K10TTRE0070Titan X50B Kit w/Fiberglass BladesPDFDownload
4855-K11TTRE0071Titan X50B Kit RL-53H/Muffler/Carbon BldPDFDownload
4856-K10TTRE0073Titan X50 Kit w/Torque Tube Driven TailPDFDownload
4856-K11TTRE0074Titan X50 Kit w/53H/Muffler/Carbon BladesPDFDownload
4891-K10TTRE0090Raptor 90 SE KitPDFDownload
4892-K10TTRE0091Raptor 90 3D KitPDFDownload
4790-K10 TTRE0093Raptor 90G4 E720 Electric Heli KitPDFDownload
4791-K10TTRE0094Raptor 90G4 E720 Electric Heli KitPDFDownload
4793-K10TTRE0095Raptor E820 FBL Heli KitPDFDownload
4893-K10TTRE0096Raptor 90G4 Nitro Helicopter KitPDFDownload
4894-K10TTRE0098Raptor 90G4 Nitro Flybarless Heli KitPDFDownload
4761-K10TTRE0100Raptor E700 FBL Heli KitPDFDownload
4895-K10TTRE0104Raptor G4.1 Flybarless Nitro 3D KitPDFDownload
6301-F072A1TTRD41011/5 Ducati Desmosedici GP8 2.4GHzPDFDownload
6528-F072A1TTRD90281/8 FM1-E Ducati Desmosedici Motorcycle EPPDFDownload
6573-KTTRD90621/5 SB5 Racing Motorcycle EP KitPDFDownload
6574-F071TTRD90581/5 SB-5 Motorcycle RTR BluePDFDownload
6574-F072TTRD90591/5 SB-5 Brushed Motorcycle RTR GreenPDFDownload
6575-F071TTRD90601/5 SB-5 Brushless Motorcycle RTR BluePDFDownload
6575-F072TTRD90611/5 SB-5 Brushless Motorcycle RTR GreenPDFDownload
Ace Electronics
8014ACACEM8014Ace ESC-50 Brushed ESC w/BECPDFDownload
8015ACEM8015Ace ESC-10 Brushed Airplane ESC 14A 5V/1A BECPDFDownload
8050ACEM8050Ace Veloci-RS Brushed Car ESC 170APDFDownload
8051ACEM8051Ace Veloci RS-M Brushed ESC 170APDFDownload
8060ACEM8060Ace BLC-40 Brushless Car ESC 2-3S LiPoPDFDownload
8089ACEM8069GT5.2 3-Axis Flybarless GyroPDFDownload
8072ACEM8072Ace TG6000 Heading Lock Gyro w/Remote GainPDFDownload
8085ACEM8074Ace GT5 3-Axis Gyro Touch Flybarless SystemPDFDownload
8088ACEM8075Ace GT5.1 3-Axis Gyro Touch Flybarless SystemPDFDownload
8126ACEM8126Ace DS1213 Digital Standard Metal Gear ServoPDFDownload
8127ACEM8127Ace DS1015 Digital Standard Ultra Torq Hi Speed MG ServoPDFDownload
8128ACEM8128Ace DS1313 Digital Standard Hi Torq Metal Gear ServoPDFDownload
2536ACEP2536Ace T3AC 2-3S LiPo Balancing Charger 110V ACPDFDownload
2537ACEP2537Ace T6AC Balance Charger USPDFDownload
2538ACEP2538Ace T6 DC Digital 1-6S LiPo Peak Charger w/LCDPDFDownload
3025/1TTRA3026Float KitPDFDownload
2331TTRC0009Ripper Inrunner BL Motor IBL 28/24-400CPDFDownload
2334TTRC0010Ripper Sensorless BL Motor IBL 22/55-370C 5500kVPDFDownload
2343TTRC0011Ripper Sensorless BL Motor IBL 36/33-540C 3300kVPDFDownload
2344TTRC0012Ripper Sensorless BL Motor IBL 36/39-540C 3900kVPDFDownload
2359TTRC0013Ripper Sensorless BL Motor IBL 36/49-540C 4900kVPDFDownload
2360TTRC0014Ripper Sensorless BL Motor IBL 36/61-540C 6100kVPDFDownload
2340TTRC0015Ripper Brushless Motor 1/8 Scale IBL 40/20 2000kVPDFDownload
3834-DTTRE3021MD-500 Desert CamouflagePDFDownload
3837-K10M2TTRE3023MD-530 CamouflagePDFDownload
3837TTRE3055MD-530 Scale FuselagePDFDownload
3842TTRE3056A109 Scale Fuselage R90PDFDownload
3870TTRE3058E325 AH-1W Conversion Kit ClearPDFDownload
3842-M1TTRE3065Raptor 90 A109 Agusta Scale Military BodyPDFDownload
3870-LTTRE3066E325 AH-1W Conversion Kit BluePDFDownload
3872-K10M1TTRE3067UH-1Y Scale Fuselage R50PDFDownload
3876-LTTRE3068A109 Conversion Kit Blue/White E325PDFDownload
3876-RTTRE3069A109 Conversion Kit Red/White E325PDFDownload
3901-GTTRE3070UH-1 Conversion Kit Green E325PDFDownload
3901-RTTRE3071UH-1 Conversion Kit Red/White E325PDFDownload
3876TTRE3089A109 Conversion Kit Clear E325PDFDownload
3925TTRE7270Flybarless Rotor Head Conversion Kit X50PDFDownload
3926TTRE7271Flybarless Rotor Head Conversion Kit Raptor 30/50PDFDownload
3924TTRE7282Mini Titan E325 Flybarless Rotor Head Conversion KitPDFDownload
1077TTRE9024Blade BalancerPDFDownload
1079TTRE9025Training GearPDFDownload
3870-DTTRE9041E325 AH-1W Conversion Kit DesertPDFDownload
3870-GTTRE9042E325 AH-1W Conversion Kit Field GreenPDFDownload
3902TTRE9072Conversion Kit Mini Titan V2PDFDownload
3880TTRE9549Tube Conversion Kit E325TPDFDownload
3028TTRE9557Searchlight SetPDFDownload
2381TTRG2000OBL 29/35-10H Motor E325 V1/V2PDFDownload
2382TTRG2001OBL 29/37-10H Motor E325 V1/V2PDFDownload
2354TTRG9754Air OBL 29/11-07APDFDownload
2355TTRG9755Air OBL 29/07-07APDFDownload
2356TTRG9756Air OBL 29/14-07APDFDownload
2357TTRG9757Air OBL 29/11-07APDFDownload
2370TTRG978950/06-50H 600-size Heli Brushless MotorPDFDownload
8026TTRM8026Brushless Air Motor ESC BLC-12PDFDownload
8030TTRM8030Governor Zero AlphaPDFDownload
2409TTRP2409Pro Starter Box 1/10 1/8PDFDownload
3025/3TTRQ3559Ready Float SetPDFDownload